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Spring into 2024: Top Fencing Trends for Your Home This Year

As the weather warms and thoughts turn to outdoor living, it's the perfect time to consider a fence upgrade. But with so many options available, what's hot in the world of fencing?

Here at Bracewell's Flooring And Fencing, we've got you covered! We've taken a deep dive into the latest trends from Barrette Outdoor Living, a leader in the fencing industry, to help you choose the perfect fence for your needs and style.

Embrace the Beauty (Without the Hassle) of Wood Grain

Homeowners are increasingly drawn to the natural aesthetic of wood fencing. However, the upkeep can be a real burden. Enter the exciting world of vinyl wood grain fencing!

A wood-grain look vinyl privacy fence rendering
Cypress Wood Grain by ActiveYards/Barette Outdoor

This innovative option offers the timeless look of wood with the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl. Barette boasts industry-leading advancements in texture, color, and pattern variation, providing a truly realistic wood experience. Whether you prefer a smooth or textured grain, solid privacy, or a decorative touch, there's a vinyl wood grain fence to perfectly complement your home.

Strength and Style with Aluminum Post and Rail

Looking to define boundaries without sacrificing an open feel? Aluminum post and rail fencing  is a fantastic choice. This classic style is gaining popularity for its versatility and durability.

Post and Rail aluminum fencing — available in 7 colors — provides a durable, low-maintenance way to wrangle in large open spaces and define boundaries.
Aluminum Post & Rail

Unlike traditional wood or steel options, aluminum won't succumb to rust or rot, ensuring a long-lasting, beautiful fence.Barette's Aluminum Post and Rail fencing features a premium powder coat finish that comes in seven stylish colors, including the ever-trendy black and matte black. This modern touch allows you to seamlessly integrate your fence with other exterior design elements.

Understanding Your Needs: The Key to Finding the Perfect Fence

Barrette's research has revealed a fascinating trend: homeowners make purchasing decisions based on specific triggers. By understanding these triggers, we can better anticipate your needs and recommend the ideal solution.

  • Primary Triggers: Security, privacy, and safety are top priorities for many homeowners. A fence provides a sense of security for your family and pets, while also creating a private and serene outdoor haven.

  • Secondary Triggers: Sometimes, a fence is needed to define property lines or conceal an unsightly view. Fencing can also enhance the overall aesthetics and value of your property.

Knowing these triggers allows us to move beyond a simple "good, better, best" approach and focus on providing solutions that truly enhance your home and lifestyle.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Whether you're drawn to the natural beauty of wood grain vinyl or the sleek functionality of aluminum post and rail, Bracewell's Flooring & Fencing of the Florida Panhandle offers a wide range of fencing options to suit your needs. By understanding current trends and your unique priorities, you can create a beautiful and functional fence that adds value and enjoyment to your home.

Drop us a line at any of our 3 locations in the panhandle to get a FREE estimate and current incentives!

Mexico Beach: (850) 648-1010

Blountstown: (850) 674-2000

Panama City: (850) 481-8617

Stay tuned for future posts where we'll delve deeper into specific fence styles and explore installation tips!

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